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Does God Exist Philosophically?

Blind Men and the Elephant:Read this famous Indian fable. What is the meaning? How can it be interpreted? Is there a bigger message?
What is Truth Video:Are there unchanging truths in a changing world? Are there absolute truths or is it all relative? Watch this short video!
Agnostic Video:Our guest Sean McDowell from Worldview Ministries answers the question, Is God a Human Invention?
Life of Confucius:Study several quotes from this notable philosopher. His conclusions and depth of this philosophy are truly remarkable.
Belief in God:If you believe in God, what does that say about you? Are you intellectually challenged? What do the studies show?
Natural Law Video:It is a moral theory of jurisprudence, which maintains that law should be based on morality and ethics. Why?
Greek Philosopher Plato:How did the philosophy of Plato fit into history? How did Socrates play into and influence his dialogues?
Atheism Video:Randall Niles responds to the critics, cynics, and skeptics who want the scientific world to exist exclusive of philosophical or theological inquiry.
Polytheism:What is the history of various polytheistic religions? Do these beliefs play out today?
Gilgamesh:At the end of his heroic life, what is his conclusion? What was his reaction to the fragile state of humanity?
Define Moral Relativism:What is moral relativism? Are all points of view equally valid? Is truth relative? Find out the tenants of relativism.
Evolutionism Video:Watch this awesome video clip of the Bombardier Beetle. Is there a logical explanation for how evolution could explain the creation of this defense mechanism? What do experts think about this?
Definition of Atheism:What is it? Read a brief summary of atheism and the basic tenants. How does secular humanism fit in?
Is God Real Video:Check out what the people on the street are saying about God's existence and interaction with us. You have to see this short video clip!
Existentialism Video:Randall Niles uses the famous line from Descartes (I think therefore I am) to establish the reality of human existence.
C.S. Lewis Quotes:Read selected quotes from several of Lewis’ books. What were his views of life, atheism, and God?
Ontological Argument Video:Listen as special guest Dr. William Lane Craig explains the Ontological Argument. What is it and why is it important?
Postmodernism Critique:Is there a larger intellectual history that must be understood in order to grasp the uniqueness and significance of postmodernism as a worldview?
Life of King David:What can we learn from the life of this great king? What was his conclusion about the meaning of life?
Truth and Religion Video:Can faith pass the test of reason? Can Truth and Reason coexist? Can religion be rational? Watch this short video now!
Ontological Argument:What is it? This argument refers to the claim that the very logical possibility of God’s existence entails His actuality.
Cultural Relativism:Can the notions of ethics and morality be viewed through different lenses? Can everyone be right? Find out here.
The Existence of God:Is it possible to prove that God does exist? Study the facts and a quote from Dr. Wernher Von Braun.
Meaning of Theism:How does causation, design, and morality tie into Theism? What does it mean to believe in God?
Critical Thinking Video:Want a little Critical Thinking 101? Here's a Wake up Call for all the passive wanderers in life. Check out this short video clip!
Metaphysics:Logic screams that something is responsible for life. It's imperative to move forward and discover what caused everything we see.
Postmodernism:How is this term defined or described? What influences this philosophy and mindset for living? What are the ideals?
Nebuchadnezzar Video:What can we learn from this Babylonian King? What did he learn from his time of humility? Did he ultimately praise God?
All About Philosophy:A rational investigation of the truth. Learn the answers to some of life's hardest questions. Begin your quest now.
Define Ethical Behavior:What are ethics? Is it easily defined and consistent for everyone? What part does the conscience play?
Realism And Naturalism:My biggest barrier to any kind of religious faith was 20th century science and technology - natural processes and wonderful chance.
Insanity Defense Video:Does ethical tolerance lead to moral chaos? How do sanity and the insanity defense relate to universal standards of morality? Watch this short video.
Does God Exist Video:Is God real? What do you think? Check out these great man-on-the-street interviews in this short video clip and hear what the world says.
Atheism:A practical look at the definitions of atheism, agnosticism and theism. Belief vs. Disbelief. Knowledge vs. Lack of Knowledge.
Morality Video:Are there universal standards of right and wrong, good and evil? How do you make your ethical decisions? Watch this short video clip on morality now!
Blaise Pascal Accomplishments:Learn from this brilliant thinker. How did he view life, God, and existence? What was his conclusion on the truly important points?
Nietzsche and The Madman:In this essay, Nietzche questioned whether Western culture was ready for the philosophical ramifications of killing God? What did he say?
Antony Flew:After chewing on the evidence, read about how Flew renounced his atheism due to the argument for intelligent design.
Creation vs Evolution Video:Stream this short video on this huge issue of origins. Are you a creationist or an evolutionist and what does that say about your beliefs?
Thomas Aquinas:What evidence did this philosopher use to prove the existence of God? Find out the five keys.
Aristotle:Learn the history of this great thinker and discover some of his great quotes on life. What was his influence on the world of philosophy?
Greek Gods:What are the mythological roots of ancient Greece? How do these beliefs influence life today?
Natural Law:What is natural law? What is the history? Are there universal standards that apply to all mankind throughout all time?
The Elephant Principle Video:How did the great philosophers reconcile their ideas of God? What’s the story of the Blind Men and the Elephant? Click to stream this short video now!
Is God Real?:A Question of Origins. The Evolution Paradigm and the Humanist Campaign. Information and Design declares the need for a Creator God.
Who Created God Video:Is there a Divine Exception to the Law of Causation? What is the Cosmological Argument? You have to see this incredible but short video clip!
Atheist Faith:Does faith exist within all of us no matter our religious belief? Read these thoughts regarding faith and human experience.
God's Love Video:Does God like me? Check Yes or No. God has already declared His love for us and that will never change.
Philosophy Quotes:Learn from great minds like Mill, Spinoza, Descartes, Pascal, Kant, and others. What wisdom did they share on existence and a quest for God?
Philosophy of Life Video:Randall Niles lobs another wake-up grenade to re-engage the Big Questions of Life. What is the meaning of life?
Relative Truth Video:Is there universal truth? Can we use examples from science to investigate the existence of absolute truth? Find out now by watching this short clip.
How Did Communism Start:What is the origin of this economic and political philosophy? What was the primary purpose?
Philosophy Video:What is philosophy? Dr. Geisler shares with Bobby what philosophy is and why it is important for the Christian.
Cosmological Argument:Research the philosophical argument brought forward by Kalam/Muslim philosophers in the middle ages. Discover the three premises.
Who Am I:Am I anyone? Am I god? Am I worthless? Find out how this question is answered based on your worldview.
Moral Relativism:What is the world-wide predisposition to pluralism? What are the basic concepts? Find out here.
Mind vs Brain Video:What do monism and dualism mean to the immaterial world of consciousness, self, and subconscious thought? Stream this short video clip
My Worldview:I created my own philosophy for living. Using standard cultural labels, I was a materialist, naturalist, relativist, humanist, hedonist.
Inside Information Video:Randall Niles looks at the internal world of conscience and self that can't be explained through scientific tools alone.
Is there Absolute Truth:What is an absolute? What is truth? Can absolute truth apply to everyone? Find out!
Morality:Where did our system of moral conduct come from? Did it evolve? Was it learned? Or was it perfectly designed?
All About History:What events of historical significance have affected the world today? Study several events and learn about their influence on the world.
Supernaturalism Video:Can we get a glimpse of the Omni-Natural World of Extra-Dimensionality? Is there really a realm of the metaphysical? You gotta see this short video clip!
Naturalism:A philosophical, theological and scientific explanation for everything. A look at cosmological and biological origins. The staggering statistics against materialism.
Moral Relativism Video:You have to see this short video! Who said, There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so? Is moral relativism true?
Postmodern Worldview:What are the key points? Is there objectivity? Is there consistency in worldviews?
Philosophy:What is the definition of philosophy? What are the major philosophies and what are the beliefs of each?
Bertrand Russell:Who was this famous philosopher and mathematician? How did he speak of love and loneliness? Did he find the sense of belonging he longed for?
Dualism:The concept that our mind has a non-material, spiritual dimension that includes consciousness and possibly an eternal attribute.
Define Morality:What does morality mean in our multi-faceted world? Is it the same for everyone? Is there a standard of morality?
Moral Truth:What is truth? What is moral truth? Learn the difference between moral relativism and moral absolutism? Study here.
Gods And Goddesses:Foundation of mythology in ancient cultures. Egyptian history and creation myths. Greek history and the religious background of the city-state.
Roman Gods:The history of pantheism in Rome. The influence of Etruscan and Greek cultures. The Roman Empire and its divine emperors.
Deism Video:Norman Geisler describes deism. What is it? What does it mean? Who believes in this worldview?
Cultural Materialism Video:The ultimate goal is to destroy American free-enterprise capitalism by undermining its economic engine, the Middle Class, and the basic building block of society: the Family Unit.
Communism:Marx, Engels and The Communist Manifesto. The economic and political philosophy. The atheistic and amoral reality. A costly experiment for society.
Nihilism:Learn about the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche and others who contributed to this philosophy of nothingness. What influence does it have on society and culture?
Moral Argument:Do humans, being shaped in the image of God, have an intuitive sense of right and wrong? Learn about this argument.
Is There A God?:How did we get here? A look at 21st century science in light of the theistic and atheistic views of origins.
Problem of Evil Video:Randall Niles looks at good and evil -- Is evil a created thing, an object? Or is evil the absence of something.
Great Philosophers:What did philosophers of the past and contemporary voices have to say about God and the meaning of life?
Moral Ethics:How do we make moral decisions? Is it a question of relativity? Or is it a question of absolute truth?
Blind Men and the Elephant Video:What can we learn from this famous Indian fable? Hear Randall Niles' commentary on the interpretation of this famous story.
Is There a God Video:Stream this short video on what people think about God! Why am I here on earth? Where did I come from? What am I worth? How do you connect with God?
Polytheism Video:What is polytheism? Dr. Geisler explains this concept and how to understand its concepts.
Agnosticism Definition:What do Agnostics believe in or not believe in? Are they simply free thinkers who ignore the notion of God?
God Video:Randall Niles summarizes the Monkey Theorem and the impossibility of producing genetic information through random trials.
God:Does He exist? Is He necessary or merely convenient? He is revealed in the concept and design inherent in all things!
Deontological Ethics:This form of ethics maintains that actions are not justified by their consequences. How does it impact philosophy?
Roman Gods Video:Randall Niles looks at the ancient pagan and mystery religions and their so-called influence on early Christianity.
Adam And Eve:Who are they? The Biblical account. Milton's account. The Garden of Eden. Universal parenthood. Original sin. Meaning for today's world.
Define Secular Humanism:What is humanism? What is the primary focus of this worldview. How does it differ from Nihilism?
Moral Relativism Video:You have to watch this short video clip! Are standards of right and wrong merely vain imaginations of time and culture? Is morality neutral? Check it out now!
Materialism Video:What are the terms and definitions underlying this popular world-view? Watch this video.
Does God Exist:This is a prerequisite to answering the other big questions of life. How do you answer it? Was there a Creator?
Philosophical Naturalism:Understand this ancient philosophical belief. What does it maintain? What hurdles does it face?
Absolute Truth Video:Stream this short video. When it comes to truth, is everything relative to the individual? Are there any universal truths in the world?
Cultural Materialism:Marvin Harris and The Rise of Anthropological Theory. Comparisons to Marxist Materialism and other anthropological doctrines. Organization, ideology and symbolism.
How can we prove God is real?:Can you prove God’s existence? Does the presence of design prove the existence of a designer?
Deism:A belief in a god of nature -- a noninterventionist creator -- who permits the universe to run itself according to natural laws
Teleological Argument:What is this argument for design? What’s more reasonable? Design or Chance? Find out the basis of the argument here.
Postmodernism Video:What is postmodernism and what are the basic beliefs? Listen as Randall Niles explains this belief system.
The Problem of Evil:What is evil? Why do cataclysmic events in nature take place? Are they acts of God? Find out here.
Life of St. Augustine:Discover the history, struggles, and successes of this great man of faith. Read several of his quotes.
Why Am I Here?:One of life’s basic questions. Are there varying opinions? Learn two viewpoints and the enormous ramifications. Unearth the facts now.
C.S. Lewis Quotes Video:Why do we quote C.S. Lewis so often? John Stonestreet tackles this question and Lewis' commentaries about life.
The Legacy of Epicurus:Did Epicurus liberate man from the fear of God and from the fear of death? Was his theory correct?
Why Am I Here Video:Stream this short video. Why am I here on earth? Where did I come from? What am I worth? Do I have any intrinsic value? Ask yourself - Why are we here?
Human Suffering:Are things that cause us happiness as individuals always good for us? Can morality be defined in terms of happiness?
Cosmological Argument Video:Randall Niles looks at the notion of a cosmic landscape of infinite universes proposed by many scientists today.
Secular Humanism:What is the background of this philosophical belief system? How does it impact society today? Study the facts.
Philosophy Of Life:My whole life has been guided by the principle of Plato's Socrates: Follow the evidence, wherever it leads (Antony Flew).
Nebuchadnezzar:What did this mighty king go through that changed his viewpoint on life? What was his conclusion?
Moral Argument Video:Special Guest Dr. William Lane Craig returns and defines the Moral Argument for the existence of God.
Egyptian Gods:Ancient Egyptian religious tradition. Pre-dynastic history. The creation myths. Life after death. Common themes with other religions. Universal truth.
Existentialism:Learn what this philosophy is and what it isn’t. Consider the impact it has had on society.
Critical Thinking 101:I looked at the observable evidence for myself. I examined my decades-old presuppositions about science, nature, technology and origins.
Materialism:What is the true purpose and meaning of life? How does it influence my life? Learn more here.
Principles of Morality Video:Randall Niles examines the conflicting concepts of moral relativism and universal truth as they are applied by many people today.
Humanism Video:What is Humanist Psychology according to the Secular Humanism Worldview? Find out here.
Agnostic:Is this philosophical position feasible in light of scientific evidence? A review of the microscopic world, including the Bacterial Flagellum.
Ethical Relativism Video:Are there any surviving standards of ethics and morality? Are there any universal truths? Stream this short video now!
Abd-ar-Rahman III:After a life as a powerful prince, what did this man reflect on his life? What was his philosophical conclusion about life and purpose?
Cultural Relativism Video:Stream this short video clip on relativism. How do we know what’s morally good and morally bad? What standards help us through ethical dilemmas?
Humanism:The history of Humanism and its manifesto. What are the implications of a humanistic outlook? Does God exist? Explore now.
Philosophical Materialism:What is materialism? What are the tenants of this philosophy? How do recent scientific findings line up?
How can so many people believe in God?:Why do people believe in the divine? Is it simply a crutch or do they have proof?
Seeking Truth:Are all faith-based beliefs flagrantly irrational, as claimed by some authors? Discover a response to this question.
Finding Meaning in Life:Is it possible to find purpose in life? Why is it important to live a meaningful life with goals and a purpose?


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