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The Live In Context Project

The Live In Context Project was produced and directed by Johnna McKinnon, in association with MIQLAT, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The project was born out of the desire to develop a small group Bible study curriculum based on Dr. Michael Heiser’s teaching of the supernatural worldview of the biblical authors.

The small group curriculum, which includes video, is free. It presumes participants have purchased and are reading Dr. Heiser’s book, The Unseen Realm.

SESSION ONE: Context Matters

Introduction to Dr. Michael S. Heiser

In this session you will meet Dr. Heiser and hear his personal testimony of what he refers to as his “watershed moment.” We will explore those Bible verses that opened his eyes to the supernatural worldview of the biblical authors. He will explain why interpreting the Old Testament in its ancient near eastern context is so important to understanding the New Testament, Jesus’ mission and our destiny as believers.

SESSION TWO: God’s Heavenly Family

Session Two is an introduction to the “sons of God” language found in Psalm 82 and various other passages throughout scripture. Dr. Heiser will explore several biblical passages describing who the “sons of God” are and what their relationship is to Jesus – “God’s unique son.” We will compare how the biblical writers thought about the word “elohim” with the way the modern church thinks about the word “God” and why the difference is so important for understanding the “sons of God” language.

SESSION THREE: God’s Human Family

Session Three explores the plural language in Gen 1:26 and 11:7. These passages have been interpreted by many as God speaking to the other members of the Trinity. But why does God need to announce this to himself? After all, if God is one-in-three persons wouldn’t the other members of the Trinity already know? Session three will also take us to a deeper understanding of what it means to be created in God’s Image, and how, as image bearers, we are to represent Him to a lost and dying world.

SESSION FOUR: More Than a Garden

The Garden of Eden has been characterized many different ways in scripture and throughout ancient near eastern literature – Cosmic Garden, Holy Mountain of God, and the Garden of God are just a few. But just what was Eden? Did Eden exist only as a metaphor in the mind of the Biblical writers or was it a real place on Earth at a real time in History? In this session we will explore the language, concepts and imagery associated with the Garden of Eden as perceived by the ANE worldview.

SESSION FIVE: The Proliferation of Human Depravity

Everyone wants to know why the world is such a chaotic mess! Christians today will typically point to the events that occurred at the fall (Gen 3). But, a first century Jew would say there are actually three reasons why the world is such a mess. In this session, Dr. Heiser will walk us through the events of Gen 6:1-4 and explain why these verses cannot be interpreted properly without knowledge of the Ancient Mesopotamian backstory that provides the necessary context.

SESSION SIX: Yahweh, The Angel and Jesus

How is it possible that a first century Jew could embrace Jesus as Messiah and not reject their own Bible? Most people are not aware that ancient Judaism taught the idea of a Godhead – though it was restricted to a Two-Person Godhead. Evidence for this Godhead is scattered throughout the pages of the Old Testament. During this session, Dr. Heiser will marshal an impressive array of Old Testament scripture verses that provide insight into these questions, while showing how the New Testament links Jesus to these Old Testament passages, and how the Old Testament gets repurposed in the New, and is said of Jesus.

SESSION SEVEN: The Otherness of Yahweh

In this two-part session, we will examine the concepts of Holinsess and sacred space in light of the ancient Israelite world view as Dr. Heiser walks us through the elements of the O.T. sacrificial system and the Day of Atonement rituals. From there, we will move into the subject of the Conquest of Canaan, as Dr. Heiser provides some much-needed context to the command “to devote to destruction”.

SESSION EIGHT: Hidden in Plain Sight

The Jewish people had been waiting centuries, in anticipation for the appearance of their Messiah. So with all the messianic prophesies in the O.T. why didn’t they recognize Jesus. It’s easy to criticize the ancient Jews for not being cognizant of the messianic prophesies in their own Bible, when it seems perfectly clear to us. But is it really? ​In this session, Dr. Heiser will present the various elements of the messianic profile scattered throughout the O.T. and explain why they were intentionally cryptic.

SESSION NINE: Divine Provocations

As Jesus began his ministry, he did so with a three-fold mission in mind: reverse the curse of death, defeat the powers of darkness and reclaim the nations. In this session, Dr. Heiser will take us through the various elements of Jesus ministry, revealing some interesting insights into the places he went and the things he said when he was there and how they played an important role into ensuring his mission was successful.

SESSION TEN: Visions of Eden

The crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus was a turning point in history. It paved way for the birth of the Church age. Jesus, who is now seated at the right hand of the Father has assumed all authority in Heaven and on the Earth! In our final session, Dr. Heiser will focus our attention on the future status and destiny of all believers. But before that day comes, there is one final battle that is to be fought – the battle of Armageddon.

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