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What is MIQLAT?

מִקְלָט miqlāṭ(Hebr.): “haven, refuge”

Miqlat.org is made possible by MIQLAT, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that seeks to be a refuge for Christians looking for serious biblical content and like-minded believers committed to being the Church. It seeks to be part of a solution to specific problems in the modern Christian experience, such as:
  • Scarcity of academic-but-accessible biblical-theological content in church;
  • Filtering the biblical text through denominational preferences and tradition;
  • Discouraging questions and approaches to Scripture that foster clear thinking about modern challenges to a biblical worldview;
  • Creating congregations of spectators conditioned to think of church as a time, a place, and the gatekeeper for worship and ministry.
MIQLAT therefore has two fundamental goals:

(1) To produce serious content for understanding the Bible in its own ancient context that is decipherable, comprehensible, and useful to the non-scholar;

(2) To network like-minded Christians who share a desire for serious biblical content for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement, and ministry.

With respect to meeting these goals, MIQLAT aims to enable its content creators to produce books (fiction and non-fiction), small group studies, scholarly articles, web content, podcasts, and videos useful for personal Bible study, teaching, evangelism, and apologetics. MIQLAT also seeks to encourage believers to take ownership of their own growth in the knowledge of Scripture and fulfilling the Christian missions of discipleship, benevolence, and community alongside or outside traditional church methods and contexts.

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