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Citation formats are based on standard usage but should be checked against your institution's particular guidelines as appropriate. See our example of the citation of the article "Image of God" below in the MLA and APA reference systems.

MLA: "Image of God" Miqlat.org, n.d. Web. [insert date of access formatted: 01 May. 2015]. (URL's are no longer required, but may be included if desired after the date of access within angle brackets (< >) and followed by a period)

APA: "Image of God" (n.d.). Retrieved [insert date of access formatted: May 1, 2015], from https://www.miqlat.org/the-image-of-god.htm.

Other reference systems: We do not publish the names of our writers or provide the date published. Most reference systems provide instructions to cite a URL without author or date. Simply search for "no author, no date" in your reference system.

In the rare event you are absolutely required to give the name of the author, while he is not the author of every article on Miqlat.org or our other websites, for citation purposes, you may reference our CEO, Dr. Michael S. Heiser.

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